What Does The Crest Represent?

We sought out the four best umbrella terms that defined the complete ballplayer. The letters within our Crest stand for heart, character, process, and grit. As two young coaches, we had realized that the game they were coaching was much different from the game that they grew up playing. There seemed to be a lack of focus, culture, fun, and to be brutally honest, talent was much fewer and further between. After witnessing endless games ending via mercy rule, we knew that something needed to change. We wanted to find a way so that the ballplayers on both teams that truly represent heart, character, process, and grit didn’t go unnoticed. Thus, the Crest was born. Coaches or teammates can refer players to be “Crested.” This is so that when a college or professional scout comes to a game to see them play, they’ll know that they aren’t only looking at a very talented athlete, but also someone who displays the four core values of our philosophy. Being “Crested” does not necessarily mean the player is a C.A.P. (Crest Affiliated Player). C.A.P.s are our mentors that have been there, done that. For the most part, these players are professional players, prospects, or guys who may lack the natural talent to play professionally, but show all of the makings of a pure leader. C.A.P.s have the privilege to mentor a younger player for The C.A.P. Project, our non-profit organization, and ultimately allow them to be “Crested.” Youth players who are Crested will either be wearing a Clubhouse Corp. silicon wristband or a helmet sticker so that scouts, coaches, and others know that they are, or have the ability to be, a complete ballplayer.

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Noah Clement & Bill Hitman, Co-Founders